Paxton's First Video Production For Another Rider

Paxton's friend Edmond Pavlovets, Lil' Lucky rider, recently needed a video shot, edited, and produced. Because Edmond didn't have the means to do it himself, Paxton stepped up and offered to help film. With very little help from anyone else, Paxton put together a great video for Edmond. Here is the resulting video, shot, edited, and produced by 11-year-old Paxton Swygard of Phoenix Pro Scooters.

Phoenix Pro Scooters Video From Woodward West Fall 2012

During the weekend of November 9th through the 12th, 2012, Paxton attended the fall scooter camp at Woodward West and got to film with the rest of the Phoenix team in attendance. This is the video from filming that weekend at Woodward.

Thanks to Tom Floyd and Tony Hansen for outfitting Paxton with plenty of Phoenix gear for the camp. Thanks to Dan Barrett, Josh Toy, Jon Reyes, Ryan Gould, and Jeremy Malott for supporting Paxton at the camp.

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Paxton Swygard Selected For Phoenix Pro Scooters' Flow Team

On Saturday, August 4th, at the RDM Summer Classic scooter competition in Redmond, OR, Paxton Swygard took second place in the Intermediate 14 & Under division. After receiving his awards, he was approached by Tom Floyd (owner of Phoenix Pro Scooters) and Dan Barrett (Phoenix pro team rider) who asked him if he would like to be part of the Phoenix Flow team. Paxton eagerly accepted the opportunity to become part of the Phoenix family.

As the youngest rider to ever be selected for the Phoenix Flow team, Paxton is excited to begin representing the team. However, he also wants to thank those who have supported him on the way to this next chapter in his scootering career. There's no question that he wouldn't be where he is today without the support and help of the Lil' Lucky team organized by Lucky's own Brian Jeide and NW Scoot's Korey Kier. Lucky and NW Scoot have been and always will be part of Paxton's scooter family. He and his family continue to support and encourage the Lil' Lucky team and the rest of the Lucky family. It was with a heavy heart that Paxton respectfully resigned from the Lil' Lucky team, but they all remain friends.

Moving forward, Paxton is now rocking his full factory Phoenix Pro Scooters ride and he's working on his "Welcome to Phoenix Flow" edit, so watch for that soon. In the meantime, here's a little teaser:

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2nd Place Intermediate At RDM Summer Classic Comp In Redmond, OR

 At the RDM Summer Classic scooter competition held in Redmond, OR on Saturday, August 4th, Paxton took 2nd place in the Intermediate division. This was the last competition for Paxton on the Lil' Lucky team; following his second run, Tom Floyd and Dan Barrett of Phoenix Pro Scooters selected him to become part of the Phoenix Flow team.

2nd Place 11 & 12 Age Group At Subway Washington Games In Mukilteo, WA

On Saturday, July 14th, Paxton competed in the Subway Washington Games in the 11 & 12 age group division at The Muk (Mukilteo YMCA) skate park in Mutilteo, WA. The competition consisted of two 60 second runs throughout the park. First place went to fellow Lil' Lucky/Mothership Distribution rider Brent Ikedah and third place went to fellow Lil' Lucky/TSI rider Aidan Poole! Yet another impressive showing for the Lil' Lucky team!

For full results, check out the Mothership Distribution events page: Washington Games results

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Paxton Swygard's New Video – Scoot To Thrill – 2011

"Scoot To Thrill – 2011" is a year-end compilation of Paxton Swygard's scootering video clips from 2011. This 4-part video highlights his best clips that were not used in other videos released during 2011. Thanks to Lucky Scooter Parts and ScooterDad for their support.

Complete "Scoot To Thrill – 2011" Starring Paxton Swygard

Click here to watch the complete video in its entirety:

"Scoot To Thrill – 2011" can also be watched in 4 parts below.

Part 1 of 4

Beaverton, Reedville, Ripzu, Renton, Vancouver, Woodward, Newberg, Epic

Part 2 of 4

Skate Barn

Part 3 of 4


Part 4 of 4

Outtakes and Credits

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